Our Search Methodology

Management Recruiters of Bethlehem has developed a dynamic process to incorporate all client interview specifications. We have the recruitment experts and a far-reaching network capable of acquiring, evaluating, presenting and placing candidates to meet our clients’ exact hiring needs.

Creating a STRATEGY


  • Identify your professional vision and goals
  • Research your unique company culture
  • Identify position requirements
  • Develop a search criteria profile
  • Detail a clear and concise hiring process
  • Prepare client marketing points
  • Schedule weekly status reviews
  • Define a complete and agile strategy

Begin the search


  • Conduct an extensive database search
  • Research client competition
  • Compile a list of potential target companies
  • Narrow the resulting contact list to only the most relevant
  • Engage network resources
  • Pre-qualify list of potential talent

Qualify Candidates


  • Extensively research performance history
  • Cross-reference profile clear search criteria
  • Ensure candidate commitment to career shift
  • Clarify compensation requirements
  • Identify hiring pitfalls
  • Pick out shortlist of stand-out candidates
  • Check references

Candidate Presentation


  • Make any necessary changes to shortlist
  • Check for candidate approval
  • Present candidate profile
  • Lay out a detailed candidate comparison
  • Schedule interviews
  • Prepare candidates and client for interview
  • Debrief client and candidate in detail
  • Schedule follow-up interviews
  • Discuss finalists

hiring Phase


  • Present Comp Analysis
  • Draft Letter of Agreement
  • Reclose Candidate & Client
  • Review elements of offer
  • Present offer
  • Receive signed acceptance
  • Client calls new associate
  • Initiate background investigation and drug testing (Optional)

Transition management


  • Communicate candidate for resignation
  • Review all counter offers
  • Confirm start date after resignation is final
  • Offer relocation assistance services
  • Maintain constant contact during transition

Following up


  • Provide any needed on-boarding assistance
  • Address any transitional inquiries
  • Communicate clear feedback to client
  • Maintain relationships with all parties, providing successful and smooth transition

Let us help your business stay competitive

Manufacturing is made up of many different specialties, each one essential to supply chain, production and distribution.

We find high caliber candidates, create connections and provide access to those leaders you won’t find on a job board. MR Bethlehem helps our clients continually innovate, produce and grow.